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ScarWork Therapy 


ScarWork Therapy is a non-invasive therapeutic approach used to improve the health, mobility and appearance of scars, formed from surgery or accidents.


It involves light, hands-on techniques developed by the founder of ScarWork, Sharon Wheeler and is a beneficial treatment approach for those who may be experiencing pain or discomfort; inflammation; restricted or dysfunctional movement; numbness; and/or heightened sensitivity.

The intention of ScarWork Therapy is to reduce the formation of disorganised collagen (which forms scars) following a surgical procedure or injury. Remodeling the soft tissue structures promotes optimal healing and reduces the risk of complications associated with scarring. It is an effective treatment for both new and old scars to positively change the appearance, sensation, feel and in some cases relationship that you have with your scars.

Scars that can be treated are, orthopaedic scars such as those from hip or knee replacements; arthroscopy scars; discectomy scars; C-section & epidural scars; reconstructive surgery scars such as DIEP flap and breast reconstruction scars; and burn scars.

Initial Consultation (60mins)


Initial consultation including assessment and medical history.

Subsequent Consultation (30mins)


Follow-up consultation incl. review of assessment.

Subsequent Consultation (60mins)


Follow-up consultation incl. review of assessment.

*Multisession passes are available for purchase in blocks of 5 or 10 sessions and offer a discount on the equivalent single session fees. Passes are not currently available to purchase online. Please contact the clinic by phone or email.

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