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Private Medical Insurer FAQs
  • Can I use my private medical insurance?
    In most instances the answer to this question is yes! Our clinicians are registered with all major UK insurers and several international ones as well. The processes involved vary between insurers so you will need check your cover and authorisation for treatment directly with your insurer. We may be able to offer direct invoicing to your insurer on your behalf. We remind you that this is a service we offer to make your health journey easier, however the ultimate responsibility for payment rests with you the client.
  • What is a virtual consultation?
    A virtual consultation is an appointment conducted by video over the internet (or occasionally by phone) in place of a face to face consultation. We use virtual consultations where you may not be able to attend the clinic in person for a variety of reasons.
  • Who can access physiotherapy through a virtual consultation?
    Any of our clients are welcome to book a virtual consultation, however it can be helpful to discuss the pros and cons of virtual consultations with us to check if it is right for you.
  • Are virtual consultations covered by my private health insurance?
    Most of the major health funds approved the use of virtual consultations as an alternative to in person consultations during the COVID-19 pandemic, however, not all of them have continued to fund these sessions. If you are unsure, contact your private medical insurer or call our reception team on 0118 975 8000 to discuss.
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