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ScarWork Therapy, what is it and why it is important?

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

ScarWork Therapy is a non-invasive therapeutic approach used to improve the health, mobility and appearance of scars, formed from surgery or accidents. It involves light, hands-on techniques developed by the founder of ScarWork, Sharon Wheeler and is a beneficial treatment approach for those who may be experiencing some of the following.

  • Pain or discomfort

  • Inflammation

  • Restrictive movement & dysfunction

  • Numbness

  • Heightened sensitivity

The intention of ScarWork Therapy is to reduce the formation of disorgansied collagen (which forms scars) following a surgical procedure. Remodeling the soft tissue structures promotes optimal healing and reduces the risk of complications associated with scarring. It is an effective treatment for both new and old scars to positively change the appearance, sensation, feel and in some cases relationship that you have with your scars.

Scars that can be treated are;

  • Orthopedic scars such as hip/knee replacements, arthroscopy, discectomy

  • C-section & Epidural scars

  • Reconstructive scars such as DIEP flap and breast reconstruction

  • Burn scars

Despite the many benefits of manual ScarWork it is often overlooked by health professionals during the assessment process with many scars being signed off once the wound has closed and there is no sign of infection or inflammation..

However, scar tissue results when the collagen fibres form over an injury site to help protect and strengthen the wound. These fibres are built up in a random pattern and are more fibrous and less malleable than the previous tissue. Adhesions sometimes occur where the scar tissue becomes stuck to adjacent and underlying tissue, causing a distortion of the surrounding layers.

Try grabbing the corner of your t-shirt and twisting it to form a knot. Now look at the pull of tension in the t-shirt through to the opposite shoulder. Imagine the knot is the scar and the tension is the distortion. This can cause complications to other areas of the body.

Here at One Physiotherapy, we are glad to be able to offer ScarWork Therapy alongside our Soft Tissue Therapy service. It is recommended that your first session is one hour to allow for a thorough assessment of your scars and formulate an effective treatment plan. Subsequent sessions may either be 30 minutes of 60 minutes depending on the number, size, appearance and sensation of the scars.

If you would to book an initial appointment please call our reception team on 0118 975 8000 or email us on

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