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Hand & Upper Limb Therapy

Hand and upper limb therapy is often provided by a physiotherapist who specialises in the rehabilitation of patients with conditions affecting the hands and upper limb.A hand therapist’s high level of specialization requires advanced post-graduate education and clinical experience. This enables him or her to help patients return to a productive lifestyle following injury, disease or deformity affecting the hand.An experienced hand therapist can evaluate and identify problems affecting the upper limbs. He or she can provide advice regarding exercise, preventative care, aids to daily living and ergonomic consultation.A hand therapist often works alongside surgeons, planning and implementing post-operative care in order to hasten patients’ recovery following surgery.                                                                                   British Association of hand Therapists

Hand & Upper Limb Therapy Fees

Initial Consultation


Initial assessment and treatment (up to 60mins)

Standard Subsequent Consultation


Follow-up review and treatment (approx. 30mins)

Extended Subsequent Consultation


Follow-up review and treatment (approx. 60mins)

Custom Splints


Custom-made splints and accessories

Wound Care


Wound and scar care products

Multisession passes are available for purchase in blocks of 5 or 10 sessions and offer a discount on the equivalent single session fees. Passes are not currently available to purchase online. Please contact the clinic by phone or email.

Private Medical Insurance

We are registered with most major private medical insurers and may be able to directly invoice your insurer on your behalf. See our FAQs for more information. Please note that most insurers do not cover the cost of splints or wound care products. Payment for these (if needed) will be required at time of your appointment. 

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